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Dr. Philip R. Austin, P.E.

The Most Knowledgeable and Powerful Speaker in the Field!

In every field of endeavor, there is one individual who stands out far above the rest because of his or her knowledge, credibility, experience, and the ability to communicate that vital information to others in an exciting, comprehensible, and beneficial way. In the field of Contamination Control, the acknowledged leader worldwide is Dr. Philip R. Austin.

Internationally respected, widely quoted, and unquestionably recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on Cleanrooms and Contamination Control, "Doc" Austin has authored the world's six superlative textbooks on Cleanrooms: Encyclopedia of Cleanrooms, Bio-Cleanrooms and Aseptic Areas; Encyclopedia of Cleanrooms / White Rooms / Sterile Rooms; Design and Operation of Pharmaceutical Bio-Cleanrooms and Aseptic Areas; Design and Operation of Bio-Cleanrooms for Medical Devices; Design and Operation of Cleanrooms; and Austin's Clean Rooms of the World. Formerly Project Officer for all USAF Cleanrooms, responsible for USAF Technical Order 00-25-203 that literally set the standards for an emerging industry, Doc Austin was on the committee that authored Federal Standard 209 on Cleanrooms. He has written over 100 Cleanroom Technical Papers and Reports, and is a consulting editor to publications in the Cleanroom Field. He received the USAF Commendation Medal for Outstanding Engineering of Cleanrooms and for saving millions of dollars in construction and operating costs.

During his 40-year career as an international cleanroom consultant and lecturer, Dr. Austin has instructed the brightest minds in the clean manufacturing industries from Fortune 500 companies to small manufacturing firms alike. His consultations, instruction, and recommendations, have saved these companies hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. You can put his knowledge to work for you too by attending his seminars or through {private training and consultation}.

Dr. Austin is a Registered Mechanical Engineer, B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. For more information regarding Dr. Philip R. Austin, P.E., go to and type "Austin" in the left-hand search box.