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Types of Parts Cleaned

At Acorn Industries, we clean all different types and sizes of parts, from gaskets, filters, and syringes that are less than a centimeter in length to flow sensors, pressure vessels, and satellite assemblies that are more than 10 feet long.

Some of the most common types of parts we clean are:

  Military Parts   Optical Components
  Hydraulic Assemblies   Spacecraft Components
  Automotive Parts   Filtration Assemblies
  Medical Implants   Cryogenic Equipment
  Surgical Equipment   Sampling and Storage Containers
  Electronic Components   Cleanroom Machinery and Equipment
  Disk Drive Parts   Semiconductor Manufacturing and Testing Equipment


We Clean:

  Valves   Surgical Cable   Hydro-formed Parts
  Pumps   IV Connectors   Stampings
  Pressure Gages   Catheters   Washers
  Hose, Tube, and Pipe Fittings   Septa   Connecting Hardware
  Flow Meters   Synthetic Cloths and Wipers   Decorative Metal Items
  Level Sensors   Sputtering Targets   Heat Exchangers
  Flow Sensors   Lenses and Mirrors   Reservoirs
  Tubing and Pipe   Electrical Connectors   Reactors
  Hoses   Circuit Boards   Pressure Vessels
  Nozzles   Actuators   Dewars
  Gaskets   Switches   Bottles
  Filters   Solenoids   Containers
  Manifolds   Fuel Injectors   Vials
  Syringes   Transmissions   Lab Glassware